Social Bookmarking / Citation Tools

February 15, 2011

Social Bookmarking isn’t new, but there are so many products on the market I do get asked what advantages do they offer over professional referencing software such as Endnote.

So here is what I have gathered from personal use and other people’s opinions.  I think it would be great if you have anything to add or share with us please add your comments.

Social Citation allows you to:

•Drop in resources from sites you have been browsing on the web and from other users libraries and add to your own
•Network with other students / researchers
•Build collaborative collections of resources
•Use tags to browse other researchers libraries
•Use in conjunction with other web 2.0 tools such as RSS to add resources to a blog or website

Recommends articles to you, when you have built up a picture of your own references.
Easy to copy references from other people.
Used mostly by scientists
Can share journal articles, web links, book, any documents
Can import/export to Endnote.
Has bookmarking buttons for your browser

Automates Bookmarking
Groups feature – makes collaboration easy.
You can keep bookmarks private or share them.
Annotation and highlight feature.
Allows you to share what you have found with others via Twitter, blogs etc.
Everything on Diigo is there because someone has thought it’s worth saving

Allows you to organise your references and pdf’s
Creates Bibliographies
One of the more academic Social Bookmarking tools

Uses an integrated Firefox extention in browser
Integrates with word and open office to build bibliographies.
Comes preloaded with major citation styles.
Groups function allows you to collaborate and share
File storage space for you to save word, pdf or image files.
Great for importing references from non traditional sources like wikis

Over to you – what do you think?