Web 2.0 tools to manage your references?

February 18, 2011

Good reasons why you should use Social Bookmarking / Citation Tools.

  • Cut down on your use of postit notes! ūüėČ
  • Cluster or organise your refs into bundles.
  • Keep track of websites you want to revisit as well as articles, wikis etc
  • Manage your personal reading lists
  • Promote your own published research!
  • Collaborating and interact and SHARE with others
  • Serendipitious Learning!

Take yourself back to 2001

Student Sally comes into the library with her mates at lunchtime to browse and photocopy some articles. One of her friends pick out some articles they¬†found¬†from a search they did earlier and she picks out the references which were given to her¬†in the lecture they just had. The other one picks her nose. (only kidding- run with me – we’re nearly there)
Sally notices that her friend has a couple of articles which would be relevant for a case study which she is working on in her placement.  She asks her friend for them and she also notices that one of the articles is in a themed issue, so there are a number of articles of relevance to the case. Whoopee. Saved loads of time, now they are all off home for tea and scones.

How does this happen in 2011? Not the cream tea! The serendipitous learning! If you are on a distance learning course; on placement or just don’t see that many people in the flesh these days….Social Bookmarking / Citing is FOR YOU!