Medline – linking to library holdings

September 18, 2008

Within Medline the Library Holdings link in your search results will link to Voyager and search for the journal using the ISSN. This works most of the time, but is not 100% reliable, so to ensure you are searching Voyager thoroughly you can do the following:

  • make a note of the journal title, year, volume and page numbers of the required article
  • if Voyager displays “Your search resulted in no hits” – try searching on the journal title – choose Journal Title Keyword or Journal Title Begins With

Another problem you may have is a pop-up blocker in your browser as Voyager will open in a new window. To switch off your pop-up blocker:

  • Internet explorer – Tools →Pop-up blocker →Turn off pop-up blocker
  • Firefox – Tools → Options → Content → Untick box “Block pop up windows”