Ovid off campus

March 28, 2011

Some of you have reported problems accessing the ovid databases off campus. We are checking this out, hopefully won’t be too long to rectify the problem. I’ll keep you updated.

You can use this link while our usual ones aren’t working.



Online training Sessions

November 12, 2010

Hi Folks,

I hope you are all well into the swing of the academic term now, for those of you needing that extra bit of support I’ll be doing some online demonstrations this week.
The sessions will last for roughly an hour there will be an opportunity for you to ask me any questions you may have.

You’ll need flash software on your computer and you need to drop me an email to book on either of the sessions to


Tuesday Medline Demonstration Starts 10am GMT

Thursday Endnote Web training starts at 10am GMT

More dates and sessions to follow….

Searching Aids for Medline (Ovid)

November 12, 2010

Here are some timesavers (boolean operators) which you can use in the above database. Some of you asked me about these in one of our sessions so here you are:

Search individual fields by typing in the search box. Remember to remove the tick in the box from Map Term to Subject Heading.


.ti  searches title only
.ab searches abstract
.tw searches title and abstract

Author Searching

author a.au searches author surname and first inital ‘a’
author$.au searcher surname with any initial

Use adj and a number to search to for words adjacent to each other or within 3, 4 or 5 words of one another.


breast.ti adj4 neoplasm.ti

will search for references where the term neoplasm occurs within 4 words of the term  breast in the title.

Happy searching.

OvidSP Tutorials from Yale

October 19, 2009

Hi All

Stumbled accross these OvidSP video tutorials from Cushing / Whitney Medical Library, Yale University Library. They’re short and sweet – give them a go if you need further help with using Ovid/Medline.

Happy searching!

Medline – linking to library holdings

September 18, 2008

Within Medline the Library Holdings link in your search results will link to Voyager and search for the journal using the ISSN. This works most of the time, but is not 100% reliable, so to ensure you are searching Voyager thoroughly you can do the following:

  • make a note of the journal title, year, volume and page numbers of the required article
  • if Voyager displays “Your search resulted in no hits” – try searching on the journal title – choose Journal Title Keyword or Journal Title Begins With

Another problem you may have is a pop-up blocker in your browser as Voyager will open in a new window. To switch off your pop-up blocker:

  • Internet explorer – Tools →Pop-up blocker →Turn off pop-up blocker
  • Firefox – Tools → Options → Content → Untick box “Block pop up windows”