Index to Theses

January 19, 2011

I’ve just had news that the Index to Theses has had a revamp and contains links to theses which have been submitted electronically and so will be available to you remotely either by download or to obtain.

With so many theses now born digital, plus ongoing backlog conversion, Index to Theses predicts that there could be 50% more online theses to link to by the year end.

Where a thesis is not yet available online, Index to Theses describes alternative routes for obtaining the full text either by loan or digitisation.

The search facility has been changed too, so its easier to find a thesis from a particular institution or author. I’d recommend using the standard search as this allows you to combine a number of search elements at the same time in a simple way.

Let me know if you have any more queries on this fantastic resource.

Mari Ann


Access to CU e-resources

July 22, 2009

For the next couple of weeks access to CU e-resources is at risk while some upgrades are undertaken.

If you experience problems accessing a resource please contact insrvConnect ( 029 2087 4487

Grey Literature

March 26, 2009

Grey Literature is in the most basic sense a document which has been produced but not been offically published. For instance, an NHS trust policy for internal use or government, academics and pharmaceutical document not offically published.

If you are searching for Grey Literature you are by its nature looking for documents which aren’t necessarily easy to find!

Try some of these resources, but also try to think…are there any communities online who would share practices or in house guidelines?

Index to Theses
Check out this page for Index to Theses guide and  off campus access.

British Library Catalogue


DH-DATA, Kings Fund Databases

King’s Fund Library Catalogue

Do you have any other suggestions on places to look for Grey Literature? Comment below if you do….

Henry Stewart Talks

February 18, 2009

This collection of specially prepared animated audiovisual presentations with synchronized narration by world leading scientists is keeping researchers informed throughout the world.

The resource is organised into comprehensive series of talks and is regularly expanded and updated.

To find talks matching your interests browse the series or use the search facility. To be kept up to date as new series and talks are added to the collection, complete the Keep Me Updated form.

To Enter the resource off campus go to:

Off campus access video

January 16, 2009

Find here a video demonstrating how you can login to Cardiff University Journals online.

We hope you find it helpful.

Best wishes

Mari Ann

Cited references

December 13, 2008

If you are interested in tracking a reference (say a seminal work or an article of your own perhaps) you can use the cited references tab in these databases.

Web of Knowledge

You can also use a citation tracker if you want alerts (emails) sent to you everytime a reference you are interested in gets cited. Make sure you sign up for a personal account- and then you can choose the settings you require.

This should help you keep one step ahead!

If you need any more information on how to set these up- let us know.

Endnote Web

December 6, 2008

Hi Everyone,

I have just had an update which might interest those of you using EndNote Web.

As you will already know if you have read my previous post about this, the best way to get an account is to first sign up to Web of Knowledge and then use the same account details for EndNote Web.

You need to login directly to Web of Knowledge once a year to keep your details alive. Obviously once you graduate from your course, you will no longer be entitled to use Web of Knowledge / Endnote as a Cardiff University student.

A useful help guide on how to import references into EndNote Web using various import filters from various database providers can be found here: (provided by the University of Singapore). For example the guide explains how to export a search from SCOPUS and import into Endnote web.

I hope you find all useful!