Rare early books tracing the history of science and medicine

Free access to digitised content from the Wellcome Library is now available.
This free content is brought to you by ProQuest and the Wellcome Library as part of ProQuest’s Early European Books project.

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The 400 early printed works to which you have free access trace the history and development of science and medicine from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries and cover subjects from anatomy and botany to witchcraft and the occult.
Highlights from the collection include numerous examples of the ‘Book of Secrets’, including several reprints and translations of The Secrets of Alexis of Piedmont (1555). Alexis was the pseudonym of an Italian physician and alchemist whose book was a compendium of recipes for medicines, household remedies, perfumes, dyes and experiments.
Also included are books of prodigies such as Pierre Boaistuau’s Histoires prodigieuses (1568), an illustrated catalogue of monsters, demons, deformities, natural disasters and miraculous events.


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