Learning Central

I recieved this message yesterday regarding learning central which may explain some problems that you have been experiencing:

As you may be aware we have been experiencing problems with performance on Learning Central.

This appears to be due to issues within the software as supplied by the manufacturer and appears to also be also affecting other universities.

We have been working with Blackboard to resolve the issue. Our Database and Applications team have been working hard to resolve the problems, and have come up with some fixes that appear to have fixed the issues pending a permanent fix from Blackboard. This fix has also been passed to the other universities who are also affected so they can work to resolve their problems.

The latest fix was applied Tuesday morning and since that time this issue does not appear to have reoccurred. There was however a slowing of the system today at 2.30pm, this was due to the Voyager system failing over onto the Learning Central servers. This was quickly resolved and now the system should be back to normal.

I would like to reassure you that we are working as hard as possible to keep the system stable and performing as it should. Once permanent fixes are available these will be applied to the system.

Please accept my apologies for any impact the performance issues may have had upon you and your schools at the start of term.

Should you experience any slowing of the system please do contact us via insrvconnect@cf.ac.uk and we will investigate as quickly as possible


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