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The University Library Service will be releasing ‘LibrarySearch’ in Summer 2011. This new service will provide an improved interface for the Voyager library catalogue and other library managed information resources.
A Beta version will be released to the University during the spring semester, to gather feedback from staff and students, with a view to launching LibrarySearch in time for the start of the 2011-12 session.
In order to implement LibrarySearch, work is required on the Voyager library catalogue journal records to ensure they are presented correctly in LibrarySearch. Currently the print and electronic versions of a journal are shown together on a single Voyager library catalogue record. These joint records will need to be split into two separate records, one for the print version and another for the electronic version. This means that you will see two separate search results for each journal which is available in both electronic and print format. The electronic version will be indicated by the statement [Electronic Resource] after the title. This is already the case for eBooks. Once available, LibrarySearch will automatically join together the electronic and print versions of books and journals in the search results.
The work on splitting the journal records will start on 31 January and we anticipate that it will take a minimum of three days. During this time some electronic journals may not be available via Voyager but will still be accessible as normal via the eLibrary (available via the Library menu in Cardiff Portal). Direct links to journals from bibliographic databases and Google Scholar will also continue to work and all other aspects of Voyager will remain available.
If you have any queries or feedback about this work, please get in touch with me.


3 Responses to Library Search

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the update but I’m not really sure what it means. I never check Voyager to see if we have a journal. Instead I tend to use the links from Google Scholar to see if I have access to a paper- and only go to ejournals if I think something is obviously wrong.

    Is there any chance that we will have linkouts from PubMed soon?

    • lucycollins says:

      Its quite a detailed post! Basically it means, if you search Voyager to check if we have a journal at the moment there is one record that tells you what we have electronically and what we have in print. This will be changed to two records, one for the electronic version and one for the print. Whilst this work is being done there may be some temporary loss to linking to a particular journal via Voyager. As your using Google Scholar, you’ll not notice a difference.

      As regards to the Pubmed linking, we are working on this. There has been an issue with getting Pubmed to work with the current version of SFX, this is being upgraded soon (I’m awaiting a date!) – watch this space.

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