New Online Requesting System

From the evening of Monday 11th January you will no longer be able to use to request books and articles.  From Tues 12th January  requests will be done through the Voyager Library Catalogue – instructions here Voyager Online Requesting.  You will need to use your barcode, surname and pin number to log into the Voyager Library Catalogue, see Changing Your Pin for further help with logging into Voyager.

You will no longer need to print off and send us a copyright declaration form, just entering yes when required on the form will be fine.  This should speed up requests getting sent out to you.

From Tuesday 12th January any requests submitted electronically to us which go to the British Library will be sent from the British Library electronically as the default (at present some of you may be getting these in the post).  To ensure you are able to receive these please go to the following website (  and install the plugin and download the test document.  Please let us know if you have any problems, otherwise we will assume that this has worked for you.

Any questions please get in touch on


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