Important Changes to Online Requesting

From 12th January 2010 online requesting for books and journal articles will be processed via the Voyager Library Catalogue. Full instructions of how to do this will be sent out nearer the date.

The current system will no longer be supported as of 31st December 2009. You can continue using the Online Requesting Service up until the 12th January as long as it is still working (we have no idea if it will). Please contact the Duthie Library 02920 742875  if the system fails to generate a copyright declaration form or if you are unable to login.

Attached is an Inter Library Loan request form that you can fill in manually, sign then send to us. We are not recieving post until 4th January so anything urgent should be faxed 02920 743651 or scanned and emailed to

Hopefully this won’t inconvenience you too much, apologies if it does. I’m sure you will all prefer using the new system which does not require the sending of copyright declaration forms, hurrah!



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