Hi Everyone,

I’ve just had an update from the ejournals team and I wanted to update everyone on the best way of accessing ejournals from off campus at the moment.

It is by using the ejournals list at http://ejournals.cf.ac.uk/ 

It completely bypasses any need to hunt around for an Athens or Shibboleth login box on the journal site, so it is the easiest method for users to successfully get to full-text.

Going by Voyager (or direct to the publisher’s website) or library holdings in medline does not do this. We are working on getting the links loaded into Voyager and other sites, but that will take at least a couple of months. Until this is done, clicking on an ejournal link from Voyager will still work, but you will have to hunt around for the Athens or Shibboleth login boxes on the publishers sites, which are often hard to locate and lead to users failing to get access to full-text. 

So, I recommend you should go to ejournals via the list at http://ejournals.cf.ac.uk/ for best results right now for off campus access. 


Mari Ann


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