Science Direct Articles

Hi Everyone,

We have been notified by some of you that you are having problems accessing Science Direct material.

This is due to a fault at Science Direct end.

Some of you have tested the following instructions and found that they work – so here they are:-

Follow your link into the journal title (either from Voyager/Blackboard or the Ejournals page)

Click on the Login link on the top right hand corner of the Science Direct page.

There will be another link which says ‘Athens/Institution Login’ brought up, also in the top right hand corner. Click on this.

On the next page you are given the option to log in via Athens or your institution’s location. Choose the ‘Select your location’ box, click on the down arrow and select UK Access Management Federation.

A new page will give you a list of UK institutions, including Cardiff University. Click on this.

The page asking for your Cardiff University username and password will appear. Fill this in as normal.

A page will come up which will say ‘Cardiff University Authentication Request Processed’ which will disappear within a few seconds.

The next page will give you two options, either – NESLI Cardiff University, Library or NESLI Cardiff University, Shibboleth. Choose the Shibboleth option.

You should then be brought to the page you requested originally.

This login procedure should only be needed once on each machine. The next time you log in you will have an opportunity to go to the Cardiff University log in on the right hand box after you have first clicked on ‘Login’ and this should take you straight through more quickly.


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